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1811 SOUTH 66th STREET

Engineering / Proto-Typing / Deep Draw Dies
Progressive Dies / CNC / Compression Molds
Blanchard Grinding / Jigs / Fixtures / Fabrication
Short-Run Stamping / Specialty Machines

TELEPHONE: 414-543-3630
FAX: 414-543-2095
TOLL FREE: 877-DRAWDIE (372-9343)

            Our experience stems from a heritage which
dates back three generations. It all began with the formation
            of Superior Steel Products Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1923.... followed by the establishment
            of Service Tool & Die Company, Inc. in 1944 and....the rebirth in 1999 to
            INC. as our exciting and promising future continues.

           We listen. We are very quality conscious and apply the same exceptional care and scrutiny to every
            project we receive to meet the highest standards of excellence. To us,"service" means putting our
            knowledge and experience to work for our customers. We are competitive in our pricing philosophies
            and when we accept a delivery date... we make it.

            For most projects, we can offer a "turnkey" operation for all of your Tooling needs. We are also very
            efficient in fulfilling short-run stamping & parts projects.

            Service is not just an important part of our name.... It is the definition of what we do everyday!

            Specific services include but are not limited to:

Engineering & Design - CNC Milling
Try-Out Presses
Blanchard Grinding
Fabrication - Short Run Stamping

            We have produced a wide-range of products, from the smallest progressive die for a simple washer
            to a 40,000lb Transfer Die to support Heavy Duty Truck transmissions.

            Our specialty is "Large Deep Draw Dies and related Tooling", however  we also manufacture:

Progressive Dies
Compression Mold & Injection Mold Dies
Transfer Die Tooling
Try-Out Presses
CNC Production Milling Products
Jigs & Weld Fixtures
Specialty Machines - Prototyping

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            With a heritage that dates back over three quarters of a century, long-standing relationships across
            the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe, plus a growing list of new customers every month,we
            will provide quality references upon request.

            Our customer base includes Fortune 500 firms, clients who require ISO 9000 level certification on
            their products and the one-person shop entrepreneur!

            As a growing organization, we are always interested to talk with sales professionals to represent our
            products and services throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and worldwide. Qualified
            candidates should have a minimum of 5 years experience in Tool & Die sales with a specific
            knowledge in any of our above noted product or services areas and have a track record of success and
            professionalism. Please e-mail your Confidential Resume to us at or contact us
            directly. Please be sure to note your regional area of interest.

            CONTACT US


                        ADDRESS: 1811 South 66th Street
                        CITY: West Allis
                        STATE: Wisconsin
                        ZIP: 53214
                        TELEPHONE: 414-543-3630
                        TOLL FREE: 877-DRAWDIE (372-9343)
                        FAX: 414-543-2095

                        DIRECTIONS: SERVICETOOL is located in the City of West Allis, in the mid-west area of
                                                  Milwaukee County, just south of the famous "West Allis Farmers Market".

                                                  From I-94 Eastbound, use Exit 307A(South 70th St.). Go south to National
                                                  Avenue; turn left(east) to 66th St. Turn right(south 2 blocks) to 1811 S. 66th St.

                                                  From I-94 Westbound, use Exit 307B-South Hawley Rd.(60th St.). Go south to
                                                  National Avenue; turn right(west) to 66th St. Turn left(south 2 blocks) to 1811 S.
                                                  66th St

                                                 From I-894,use Exit 2A East-National Avenue. Go east to 66th St. Turn right
                                                 (south 2 blocks) to 1811 S. 66th St

                        AIRPORTS:    General Mitchell International Airport, 414-747-5300
                                                                (15 Minutes from our Offices)
                                                 Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, 773-686-2200
                                                                (65 Miles South of our Offices)

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Thank you for the opportunity of making your business....our business!


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